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Secure Education Consultants

Presidential Level Security for Your Children

Who are Secure Education Consultants?

SEC is a group of highly-skilled security and protection experts. The SEC team of former United States Secret Service Agents specializes in analyzing facilities, developing Emergency Preparedness Plans, and preparing faculty and staff to appropriately confront emergencies of all kinds, including active shooters, child abductions, unauthorized intruders, hazardous materials, and natural disasters.

Why did Milestones Child Development Center Partner with SEC?

Nothing is more important than the safety of our children! By choosing SEC, Milestones Child Development Center has taken every possible step in ensuring the security and safety of the children and staff here. You can be confident knowing that the faculty and staff are equipped to respond to the most serious of situations. In a perfect world, emergencies would never happen. But in the real world, it is imperative that we respond quickly and appropriately when the unexpected occurs..

Milestones Child Development Center

“Milestones was extremely happy with the level of professionalism and expertise of Secure Education Consultants. The plan that we have in place is more comprehensive and detailed than we could have imagined and the staff thoroughly enjoyed the training. Our families feel safer leaving their children in our care, knowing that in an emergency we know what to do. As an owner, I feel good offering my customers and staff a plan and training that truly makes us safer and more prepared. – Kelly, Owner, Milestones Child Development Centers

Visit their website by clicking here. Learn more about why we partnered with SEC by downloading this PDF.