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Our Staff

Fun and learning awaits at this locally owned and operated business. Our certified and degreed teachers serve as role models and encompass positive images of children, recognizing that they are capable of many things. Milestones is a rapidly growing idea that places children first. Our commitment to a quality staff and proven education techniques make us the clear choice for parents who invest a lot of time and care into the physical, emotional, and educational well being of their children.


Executive Director

Nicole Pratt

Executive Director

Jenny Abid

Executive Director

Katie Hoisington

Director of Outdoor Education

Danielle Kuczajda

Program Director - Belmont

Teresa Hauck

Assistant Director - Belmont

Tiffany Taylor

Assistant Director - Belmont

Jenni Rhodes

Program Director - Caledonia

Skye Tramper

Assistant Director - Caledonia

Tracy DeRuyter

Assistant Director - Caledonia

Emily Dunn

Program Director - Cascade

Ashley Rettig

Program Director - Cascade

Melissa Kampfert

Assistant Director - Cascade

Ashley Telman

Program Director - Jenison

Ashlee Stormzand

Assistant Director - Jenison

Teresa Pfeifer

Program Director - Portage

Tasha Mokwa

Assistant Director - Portage

Karen Hayes

Program Director - Wilson

Ashley Wood

Assistant Director - Wilson